What is the exact price I will pay and what do I get?

You pay £85 for year one. This includes installation and hosting of a WordPress website and a business email address. We’ll also add up to 5 pages of content and any graphics or images you may have. We will add links to social media accounts and add a contact form if you want one. We will make sure your site is secure and has a cookie banner. We will provide you with links to sites where you can download terms and conditions of use for your site as well as privacy and cookie policies, for free. After year one you will pay £36 per year for your hosting.

There are no other costs involved.

Do you only build WordPress sites?

Yes, we specialise in WordPress sites only.

Why WordPress?

We use WordPress for the following reasons;

  1. There are thousands of available themes to choose from which means you can customise your site to reflect you and your business and change this with ease as you grow and develop.
  2. There are thousands of plug-ins available, mostly for free, that allow you to customise your website by adding shop fronts, contact forms, videos and galleries, membership areas and much more.
  3. WordPress is safe and secure and offers a range of plug-ins to help enhance your sites security.
  4. WordPress sites rank high on Google as they are constantly being developed. They also offer plug-ins such as Yoast for SEO allows you to optimise your websites content.
  5. Most WordPress themes are mobile responsive which means that you can be assured that your website will look great across all devices. This also helps you to rank high with search engines such as Google.

Why do you offer one service only?

We offer one service only as we feel that this one service fulfills the needs of our customers. Being therapists ourselves we are aware that there are a lot of ongoing costs involved in maintaining a private practice. We often hear from therapist who realise that to grow their business they need to get online. However, therapists often don’t know where to start and are often quoted hundreds of pounds by web design companies. We realised that simple web design and hosting doesn’t need to be expensive. We take the stress and hassle out of it by installing a WordPress website for you and adding all of your initial content to your site. We then provide access to a members area where you can learn how to develop and maintain your site by yourself, for free. This gives you the skills and knowledge to maintain and develop your website yourself, taking away any ongoing costs web developers may ask for.

I’m just starting my private practice. Is a website really worth it?

A website is a worthwhile investment for your therapy business as it helps you to be found online by potential clients. Being active online may also bring other potential opportunities such as being approached to deliver training, supervision or guest speaking. You can use your website as a platform to showcase your business, demonstrating your expertise and helping you to gain credibility it your chosen field, especially if you choose to blog and keep your website and content updated. It is also a form of free advertising (minus your hosting costs), allowing you to create content to share across social media and other places on the internet. Having a website allows you to stand out among the many therapists in your area, you get to control your branding and public image, helping the right clients to choose you as the right therapist for them.

What if I’m not sure how to write the content for my site?

A lot of people who are new to the wonderful world of websites are unsure where to start when it comes to writing content for their websites. We suggest that you take a look at other therapists websites for inspiration. You can see a few examples on our home page. If you feel really stuck then please do get in touch and we will do our best to support you.

I’m not that tech savvy. Will this affect me?

Not at all. WordPress is extremely user-friendly. You don’t need to have any knowledge of code or HTML and we will give you instant access to top video tutorials to help you develop your WordPress knowledge and skills.

What is in your members area?

At the moment we have a showcase of video tutorials covering everything you need to know to develop and maintain your WordPress website. With practice you will come to see that WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to use to maintain your site and you’ll soon be able to edit your site, add pages and blog posts, opt-in pages, a shop front and much more, with ease. Not only will this give you the knowledge and skills to help you to develop your site as your business grows, but you’ll also be less likely to need to pay anyone to do any of this for you, saving you money in the long run. We are currently working towards developing our own video tutorial series, due in Summer 2019.

Do I have cPanel access?

If you wish to access your cPanel then yes we can provide login details for you. Once we have set up your website you will have immediate access to your site to change and edit it as you wish.

Do you help with SEO (search engine optimisation?)

When we install your WordPress website for you we will add a plug-in called Yoast. Yoast is the number 1 WordPress SEO plug-in. It helps you to get more visitors from search engines such as Google and Bing and to attract more visitors from social media, increasing visitor engagement. What’s more it is very simple and easy to use and Yoast will walk you through it every step of the way. We also have tutorial videos in our members area in case you get stuck!

Do you provide domain names?

Unfortunately we don’t provide domain names at this time. You will need to purchase your domain name with a domain name provider such as GoDaddy or 123.reg. Once you have your domain we can build your site for you.

Do you offer ongoing tech support?

Unfortunately we don’t offer a lot of ongoing tech support at this time as we are a very small business and don’t have the capacity to deliver that right now. However, we will help out whenever we can and if we can’t then we’ll point you in the direction of one of our many trusted colleagues who can.

The purpose of the package we are offering you is designed to enable you to learn to grow and maintain your own WordPress website. The purpose of this is to ensure that you avoid any ongoing costs by being able to do the work for yourself.

Am I free to leave Websites for Therapists and use another web hosting company?

Of course you are, you can leave any time you choose to. You own your site and your content. You will need to contact your new host to arrange for the transfer to happen. However, you won’t be eligible for a full refund, only partial depending on the time of your transfer. Please see our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page for full details.

Why should I choose you?

We think that we offer one of the most cost effective and least stressful ways for a therapist to establish their online presence. We are a business ran by therapists for therapists and so we know how important it is to have a website which represents you. We also support Counsellors Together UK (CTUK) which was also founded by the founder of this website, Maria Albertsen, by donating some of our profits to CTUK to enable them to continue with their much needed campaign work. The main aim of CTUK is, ‘to end the culture and prevalence of unpaid work within our profession.’ We hope that the ongoing campaign work by CTUK has a positive effect for all therapists across the UK and by using us to set up your website you will be automatically be a part of funding that change. You can read more about their work here.

What if I am not happy with the service you provide?

We hope that, like our other customers, you are happy with the service we provide. However, if you experience any problems at all then please do contact us via our contact page or by emailing enquiries@websitesfortherapists.co.uk and we will do our best to try and rectify the situation.


  • If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here then please do get in touch via our contact page or email us at enquiries@websitesfortherapists.co.uk